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Dynamic modeling

Traffic management actions in Aimsun

Extendibility: scripts, APIs and cost functions

Visualizing output

Importing data

Working efficiently

Strategic modeling

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Using the Revisions tool for teamwork

June 2016: Dimitris Triantafyllos explains how the Aimsun Revisions tool allows a modelling team to work within a single file, for faster and less error-prone collaboration.

Macro Function Components

March 2016: Marga Delgado explains how to use macro function components to produce extra outputs when executing an assignment.

Geometry Configurations Part 1 – Workflow

December 2015: Andreu Tarrida brings you the first in a four-part series on the Geometry Configurations feature – this note introduces the topic and gives you a brief tour of the workflow.

Exporting probe data using Aimsun micro API

July 2015: Dimitris Triantafyllos discusses how this Aimsun API allows research centres to work on the understanding of the innovative uses of probe vehicle data, available applications, visualisations, performance measures, and management techniques.

Aimsun vehicle paths

September 2014: Josep Perarnau explains the different approaches for analysing vehicle paths.

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