Aimsun: simulation and AI for intelligent mobility

Simulation and AI for future mobility

Populated, ready-to-use transportation models from Aimsun's team of traffic engineers, software developers and data scientists



We combine simulation and machine learning to give deep insights into mobility: past, present, and future.



We set up transportation models as cloud-based frameworks for testing schemes and scenarios.



We help cities move towards smart, sustainable transportation, incorporating new technologies like AVs and DRT. 

Aimsun is trusted by some of the world's most forward-thinking transportation authorities, stakeholders and consultancies:

There are thousands of Aimsun models worldwide, including major world cities like London, Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Singapore and more.

What people say:


24 years of independent modeling experience, including 20 years of real-time transportation management

Technology leaders
We've simulated billions of vehicle-kilometres, all at least twice as fast as real time and typically 10-20 times faster

Holistic, all-in-one approach
From software development through data treatment and custom consulting services

Predict and evaluate the impact of transportation system changes:

Mobility planning
Mobility planning

Test everything from network enhancements, to shared spaces to clean air zones. 

Transportation management
Predict multi-modal transportation network status in real time, with unlimited ‘What if?’ scenario assessments.  
Future mobility solutions

Harness the power of our research into traffic management and planning, mobility as a service, automated vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

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