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Do you want to share your Aimsun Next traffic model with remote clients or colleagues who don’t have access to Aimsun Next software? Our free Viewer is a quick and simple way for anyone – even non-modelers – to replay a recorded simulation or view model outputs.

What is the Viewer?

The Viewer is a quick and simple way for our users to let a remote third party replay a recorded simulation or retrieve data from a previous execution of any Aimsun Next model.  

The Viewer’s focused functionality means that even non-modelers will find it easy to operate: users can filter and customize what they see, but since there is no need to make changes, there are no editing functions and the focus is entirely on visualization.

How do I get the Viewer?

Sign up now and we’ll send your client the installation guide for a quick and easy set-up in just two steps.

The Viewer license is valid for one full year from the date of installation. As long as you are an Aimsun Next license holder and your software maintenance is up to date, you can apply for as many Viewers as you like for as many different people as you like. 

Sharing simulation results

Once the third party has installed the Viewer, simply send them the Aimsun Next.ang file that you want them to view and the database where the outputs are stored. For completeness, you can also send the .arf file for replaying a simulation and the .apa file for viewing routes.

What can I do with the Viewer?

  • Open an .ang file
  • Retrieve results from a database, 4-step model result files, path assignment files and real data sets
  • Play a recorded simulation
  • Apply view modes in the 2D view and in a detailed node view
  • Hide/reveal dynamic labels
  • Open and view print layouts
  • Open a time series viewer and add time series
  • See space/time diagrams for existing detector sets
  • Open 2D and 3D views and select bookmarks
  • Select an active experiment to see the effect of geometry configurations and overrides
  • Filter the view by subnetworks
  • Show location in Google Maps

Sign up for the Aimsun Next Viewer

Sign up for the Viewer now and start sharing your models! As long as you hold an Aimsun Next license and your software maintenance is up to date, you can ask for as many Viewers as you like – we’ll start the activation process within 24 hours!

Send us your details and we’ll check to see if you qualify. If you already know your software maintenance is not up to date, you can renew it right now by writing to

Fill out one form for each request (all fields are required).

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