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Free 30-Day Trial

Free Trial Aimsun Next

Fill out the form and you’ll immediately receive an email containing the download URL for a free 30-day trial version of Aimsun Next modeling software.

If you don’t receive the email within a couple of minutes, please check your spam folder.

When you have completed the installation, click on the Tutorials tab on the welcome screen to find sample networks that will give you an idea of Aimsun Next’s breadth of application, speed and user-friendliness.

The free trial version also includes a manual covering every aspect of Aimsun Next in detail.


Download URLs are available for the following systems:


  • Windows® 8.1/10, Windows Server 2016/2019
  • Mac OS X 10.12 – 10.14
  • Ubuntu 16/18 compatible distribution


Free 30-Day Trial restrictions

The Free 30-Day Trial version is not intended for project work, so the following restrictions apply:


  • The license will expire 30 days after installation
    There is no option to save your work
  • Storing experiment data in an external database is disabled
  • Retrieving experiment data from an external database is disabled
  • Scripting is not available

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