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Aimsun Next is a multi-resolution, multi-modal modeling tool.

Simulate mobility on any scale from whole regions to cities, zones, subnetworks, and all the way down to highways, corridors and individual junctions.

Pro edition

The Pro edition comes in three flavors: Pro MicroPro Meso and Pro TDM (for strategic modeling).

Only pay for the functionality that you need, but still enjoy access to the full Aimsun Next platform and unlimited network size.

Advanced edition

For super-sized, complex applications of any kind: access static and dynamic (equilibrium) traffic assignment, mesoscopic, microscopic and hybrid micro-meso and meso-macro simulation along with OD matrix manipulation tools – all in a single, integrated environment.

Expert edition

Our most powerful edition: all the benefits of Advanced, but with the addition of four-step travel demand modeling!

This single software package covers an entire transportation modeling project of any scale, from entering raw geographical and socio-economic data all the way through to simulation.

Aimsun Next: Features by Edition

Microscopic simulation
Pedestrian simulation
Mesoscopic simulation
Dynamic Transit Assignment
Hybrid simulation
Static assignment – private vehicles
Static assignment – transit
Travel demand modeling
DTA: Stochastic route choice
DTA: Dynamic user equilibrium
Transit simulation
Traffic management
GIS and CAD interfaces
Aimsun Console
Third-party importers3
Planning software interfaces (Emme and SATURN)
Adaptive control interfaces4
Control plan optimization5
Additional thread support
Aimsun API
Aimsun microSDK
External Agent Interface
Driving Simulators


Included in Pro Micro
Optional for Pro Micro
Included in Pro Meso
Optional for Pro Meso
Included in Pro TDM


1 Pro comes in 3 flavors: Pro Micro, Pro Meso, and Pro TDM. All 3 Pro editions provide access to the full platform and to a single model, either microscopic or mesoscopic simulation or travel demand modeling.

2 Support for 4 threads in Pro and Advanced; support for 8 threads in Expert.

3 Network backgrounds: CAD, GIS, OpenStreetMap, WMS Server. Other transport software: CONTRAM, Cube, Paramics, Road XML, SYNCHRO, TransCAD, Vissim, Visum. Data sources: GTFS.

4 With the microsimulator: LISA, SCATS, SCATS ITS, SCATS-RMS, Siemens UTC System (with SCOOT), Sitraffic Office, UTOPIA, vs|plus. With mesoscopic simulation: SCATS and UTOPIA.

5 The Aimsun Next-SIDRA interface is available from Aimsun and is compatible with all licenses that contain the Aimsun Next microsimulator.

Aimsun Next is a registered trademark of Aimsun SLU. All other registered trademarks or trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

A complete guide to all editions, optional extras and programming tools in Aimsun Next

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Aimsun Next 20.0.5

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