Aimsun Plus

An all-in-one solution to mobility modeling for a whole city or even a region. Get a single, united network representation of how people move in any mode, on any scale.

Aimsun Plus

An all-in-one solution to mobility modeling for a whole city or even a region. Get a single, united network representation of how people move in any mode, on any scale.

Take care of all your planning and operations and get fast, cost-effective answers to all your “What if?” questions with a regional itinerary choice model that can also provide fine operational details such as pedestrians, bikes, public transport hubs, or complex traffic signals operation.

Aimsun Plus – Top benefits

Adaptability: the Aimsun team can easily scale or customize your solution as your requirements evolve.

Cost over time: a single, integrated solution means lower maintenance costs and less admin.

Access: clear graphical outputs mean that technical and non-technical decision-makers can understand and compare simulation results quickly and intuitively.

Scope: compare any metric, from flow, speed, and density to delay time, fuel consumption, emissions and much more.

Stakeholder engagement: Aimsun Plus provides a collaborative hub, where stakeholders, urban planners, transit operators, and other service providers can develop the project together.

Governance: a single solution is more efficient to manage, faster to implement, with better version control, and makes organizations more resistant to employee churn.

Unity: a single, integrated modeling solution can cover all transport planning and operations for an entire city or region, from day-to-day operations to longer term planning and infrastructure projects, and even assess the impact of future technologies.

Consistency: a single, integrated solution across all agencies means reliable, accurate results, and standardized reporting, with none of the time-wasting and errors that come from switching between multiple tools and providers.

Speed: Dynamic simulation runs many times faster than real time, even when it covers a major city such as Paris, so you can run more ‘what if?’ scenarios, iterations, and sensitivity analyses within the same time budget.

Aimsun Plus – What can it do and how can you use it?

The use cases for a solution this powerful are almost endless, but Aimsun Plus is outstanding in three major areas:

  • Appraising mobility schemes
  • Testing new infrastructure designs
  • Evaluating new technology

Appraising mobility schemes

  • Testing and comparing transport proposals: test any type of proposal, from upgrading a highway corridor to developing a new regional transit strategy.
  • Cost-benefit analysis: generate a cost-benefit analysis of proposed changes to infrastructure and services, including metrics like emissions or the impact on travel time reliability for different modes.
  • Business Case Building: Build a business case for investing in new ITS technology, such as upgrading traffic signals or deploying new variable message signs.
  • Policy Planning: Analyze the transportation data gathered in your city to inform future urban policies.
  • Highway schemes: modeling current and future highway schemes.
  • HOT and HOV lanes: conducting feasibility studies into high-occupancy-vehicle and high-occupancy-toll lanes.
  • Environmental impact studies: right down to the granular level of different types of vehicles and engines (including electric).
  • Concessions: studying the effect of tolls and road pricing on route choices and traffic patterns.
  • Route choice: modeling network operations that can impact route choice, e.g., parking schedules, cleaning patterns, turn closures during peak hours, reversible lanes, dynamically reserved lanes, and transit route detours.


  • Safety: analyzing the safety levels of infrastructure, changes, and strategies.


  • Government guidelines: testing networks against Highway Capacity Manual guidelines.


  • Demand: evaluating travel demand management strategies.


  • Buses: testing the impact and feasibility of bus rapid transit schemes.

Testing new designs

  • Evaluating new infrastructure proposals without incurring real-world costs and disruption.


  • Large-scale event management: whether your city is hosting the Olympic Games or a festival, Aimsun can help you build a transportation plan for major events.


  • Placemaking: Mapping out and testing new pedestrian areas.


  • Public transit: Optimizing transit signal priority (TSP) strategies


  • Road works: Managing the impact of roadworks and work zones on traffic usage.


  • Sensitivity Studies: Run a sensitivity study on the potential impact of mobility trends like ride sharing or schemes promoting walking and cycling in your town.

Evaluating new technologies

  • Smart cities: analyzing the movement of traffic and pedestrians through new city tech.


  • EV charging infrastructure: modeling the battery consumption of electric vehicles, and the impact of electric vehicles on your city’s power supply network.


  • ITS: Modeling the operation and interactions of intelligent transportation systems.


  • C-ITS: Investigating the potential and advantages of cooperative intelligent transport.


  • CAVs: Simulating connected and automated vehicles.

Case studies

Fast and cost-effective decision making

Tactical Adelaide Model

Client: The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), South Australia

Aim: A unified, consistent modeling framework for Greater Adelaide

For assessing the road network, from day-to-day operations to a five-year planning horizon.
Critical use cases are disruptions, road upgrades or strategic planning of new housing developments and how the road network could be impacted.
The model considers city-wide routing and can operate in a real-world environment.

The default operation of the modelling platform keeps computational effort as low as possible and prioritizes speed and agility. In cases where simulation-based responses need more detail, the platform can simulate individual road users.

The solution exceeded the calibration criteria and received extremely positive industry feedback.
The platform has already delivered operational-level project results at a fraction of the time and resources used previously.

Simulating movement for 12 million people


Client: Mairie de Paris (City of Paris)

Scale: The dynamic model covers 500 km2 (3,500 km of roads and 11,000 junctions)

Since 2010, the Paris model has informed the city’s day-to-day transportation planning and operations, from remodeling the entire Eiffel Tower area to integrated mobility schemes in Bastille Square.

The Paris model informs every aspect of:

  • Transportation planning
  • City and neighborhood masterplans
  • Designing public transport routes and schedules
  • Active mobility schemes – cycle lanes and pedestrianization
  • Placemaking projects
  • Tram extensions
  • Infrastructure planning and design

Emirate-wide scheme testing

Abu Dhabi

Client: Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre (ITC)

Scale: Emirate wide – 67,000 km2, population of 3 million

Aim: Implement a Hybrid Simulation Model (HSM) to enhance the capabilities of the existing strategic demand model

The HSM provides a platform for testing schemes and interventions with the appropriate level of detail within much reduced timeframes and with a consistent model representation.

Aimsun developed a set of automation procedures and scripting to process the wide range of datasets available, ensuring that processes were repeatable.

STEAM+ is a ground-breaking transport modelling platform, based on a big data warehouse, multi-tiered and strategic models, and a visualization tool

Transportation Assessment

Downtown Toronto

Client: The City of Toronto

Aim: To evaluate alternative scenarios proposed for the sequencing and staging of various construction projects planned in Downtown Toronto between 2021 and 2031.

The team had to identify traffic mitigation measures and test transport management strategies to support the construction staging for a series of future infrastructure projects.

The extent of the road capacity reductions associated with some of the planned construction phases of some of the projects analysis posed a major mobility challenge. This required especially close scrutiny when calibrating the initial model and optimizing some of the signals.

The result for the City of Toronto was a solution that could manage the demand to be served and show the impacts of the alternative scenarios and what potential issues that the city could face throughout the project until full completion.

The upgrade path from Aimsun Plus

Start small, evolve to match your resources and strategic objectives.


Proprietary Data is non-public data, important enough to give a competitive advantage.


The Simulation Model is a virtual replica of real traffic scenarios.


A combination of detection data and traffic-control data.

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Aimsun Live

A complete decision support solution for real-time transportation management. Operate a complex, large-scale mobility network smoothly and reliably in all conditions.

Aimsun Live

A complete decision support solution for real-time transportation management. Operate a complex, large-scale mobility network smoothly and reliably in all conditions.

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