About Aimsun

Aimsun is an international leader in digital mobility solutions for transportation authorities, highway agencies, public transit operators and consultancies. 

Aimsun’s simulation and predictive data analytics help customers to understand transportation network performance, to predict its future evolution, and to support decision making. 

Whether the scope of the project is setting up cloud-based regional planning frameworks, supporting real-time traffic management, or simulating the impact of driverless cars, Aimsun is always working at the frontier of new technology to optimize smart, sustainable mobility. 

Aimsun digital mobility solutions

Aimsun is part of a strong mobility ecosystem

Aimsun is part of Yunex Traffic Group, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, offering end-to-end solutions for adaptive traffic control and management, highway and tunnel automation, V2X and tolling.


Aimsun’s predictive simulation closes an important portfolio gap for Yunex Traffic and strengthens the group’s collective presence in the ITS vertical, particularly in decision support systems for integrated corridor management and simulation for signal optimization.


In a wider context, Yunex Traffic is a separately managed company of Mundys strategic investment holding, and complements their asset portfolio of transport infrastructure concessions and digital service platforms.


The Aimsun Team

The Aimsun team unites academic rigor, industry experience and customer focus.


Alex took the role of CEO in early 2022, having held technical and management roles in Aimsun since 2005.

As CEO, Alex has initiated and successfully advanced the company’s transition from software supplier to end-to-end digital mobility solutions provider. 

His previous achievements include leading Aimsun global professional service activities for over 15 years and the successful launch and development of Aimsun business activities across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region

Alex holds a Master’s and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. 

Mathias joined Aimsun in 2021 as CFO. He has over 20 years of experience in the transport industry, largely with Siemens Mobility, where his contributions included commercial bid and project management of high-speed train projects in Russia. 

Mathias headed business and administration at the locomotive factory in Munich and eventually took the position of CFO for Siemens Mobility, Thailand. 

Business Development

Our global business development team are ready to advise you on the best solution for your needs. Get in touch!

Scott Aitken

Global Head of Business Development

Ian McCarthy

Managing Director,

Oscar Jiang

Regional Head,

Benoît Vedel

Managing Director,

Paul Glover

Managing Director,
Middle East

Matthew Juckes

Managing Director,
North America

Karen Cheung

Managing Director,

James Daniels

Managing Director,

Josep Maria Aymamí

Head of Market Expansion

Berta Borao

Business Development Specialist

Dave Keenan

Regional Head,
Australia and New Zealand

Anto Komarica

Regional Head, Central and Eastern Europe

Martin McMullan

Regional Head,
North America

Alan Quek

Regional Head,
Southeast Asia

Gavin Bailey

Regional Head,
UK and Nordic regions

Professional Services

Our team of highly qualified and experienced transportation engineers have deep knowledge of the whole portfolio of Aimsun solutions. They have successfully delivered hundreds of  transportation studies worldwide.

Product Management

The Product Management team counts some of our foremost domain experts, who focus on synergies with third parties and ensuring that our clients’ needs are reflected in our product roadmaps.

Solution Design

Aimsun custom solutions are typically based on real-time big data processing with AI and/or transportation models. Hosting can be on-site or in the cloud, depending on the client’s needs.

Product Development

Our largest team, Product Development is dedicated to creating and refining Aimsun tools. They are responsible for Aimsun’s unique suite of in-house, fully integrated, super-fast, multi-tier solutions that can adapt to almost any application.

Data Science

Our Data Science team develops the Aimsun AI platform using their expertise in deep learning, graph neural networks, anomaly detection, data preprocessing, data fusion and supervised / unsupervised / self-supervised machine learning.

Research Projects​

Our many research projects are funded by organizations such as Innovate UK, National Highways, and Horizon Europe. Topics include data fusion, AV testing and safety assessment in mixed traffic, V2X comms, and demand responsive transportation.

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