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We have a single focus on algorithms, software and operational know-how for mobility applications in strategic transport planning, traffic engineering and mobility management.

Aimsun company history

Follow our journey from a university research lab team to an international mobility software and services company.


Members of the former LIOS (Simulation and Operations Research Laboratory) at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) develop a microsimulator prototype. This microsimulator is eventually named AIMSUN2 (Advanced Interactive Microscopic Simulator for Urban and Non-Urban Networks).


The company, originally known as TSS-Transport Simulation Systems, is officially founded on 11th November 1997. Technical development continues at the university lab but TSS opens an office in c/Tarragona in Barcelona, with a tiny core team dedicated to commercializing the software. TSS sells AIMSUN within a simulation environment called GETRAM (Generic Environment for Traffic Analysis and Modeling), which also contains a traffic network graphical editor (TEDI), a network database, a module for storing results and an Application Programming Interface for interfacing assignment models.


Release of GETRAM 4.0


TSS moves to a larger office on c/París in central Barcelona and begins to grow, steadily bringing in new developers – many of whom are still with us today


TSS moves to a larger head office in Barcelona on Passeig de Gràcia. There are separate departments for Development, Projects, Marketing, Accounts and Management


GETRAM becomes AIMSUN NG (New Generation), the world’s first integrated macroscopic and microscopic traffic modelling software; the package also includes integrated editing and simulation

Aimsun Online pilot project in Singapore


AIMSUN NG drops the caps and becomes Aimsun, adding mesoscopic simulation and Dynamic User Equilibrium assignment to the toolbox of version 6


Aimsun 6.1 integrates Legion’s pedestrian simulation engine as an Aimsun plug-in


The first branch office opens – in New York City


Branch office opens in Paris, France

Aimsun 7 includes hybrid mesoscopic-microscopic simulation

Aimsun Online selected as platform for DSS in Interstate 15 San Diego ICM project


We open a new branch office in Sydney, Australia


Aimsun 8 incorporates full support for four-step travel demand modeling

I-15 Integrated Corridor Management project in San Diego wins the 2013 ITS America award for Best Innovation


CTF award for Operational Efficiency Program of the Year, awarded to I-15 Integrated Corridor Management project in San Diego.

Our UK branch opens in London


Aimsun 8.1 is launched, with a focus on enhanced visualization and version control

Barcelona head office relocates to larger headquarters


TSS rebrands and becomes Aimsun. Aimsun software becomes Aimsun Next, and Aimsun Online becomes Aimsun Live

Aimsun opens an office in Singapore


Siemens acquires Aimsun

Our logos through time


1992-1997: An early product logo


2001: Then it went red


2000: The official TSS company logo


2002: The product logo started spinning


2005: Then it went blue


2007: Then we kicked that spin into shape


Aimsun Online gets its own logo

Aimsun company logo

2017: total rebranding

Aimsun a Siemens Company

2018: Aimsun becomes a Siemens Company


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