Eurotunnel Flow Management and Parking

Eurotunnel wanted to use modeling to guide a decision on whether or not to develop the parking access area and what outcomes this would have on user behavior.

Sydney: CBD Aimsun Next Model

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is developing an innovative, multi-layered traffic model of Sydney’s central business district (CBD) to test the impacts of a wide range of projects particularly the introduction of light rail through the city centre.

Scripting con series temporales

Marzo de 2021: Tessa Hayman te guía a través de la complejidad del manejo de las series temporales mediante scripts de Python y te explica cómo crear tus series temporales personalizadas de forma que puedan visualizarse en la interfaz de usuario.

Geometría de la carretera sincronizada

Mar 2021: ¡Nuevo! Ahora puedes sincronizar la geometría para la co-simulación con Aimsun Next y Simcenter Prescan de Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Teaching autonomous cars to drive like humans

WIRED UK Magazine, Feb 2021: Autonomous cars can learn how to drive more smoothly and navigate using local landmarks thanks to harnessing an old-fashioned resource: human intelligence

Preparing for the road: When and where can CAVs serve?

OmniCAV blog, Jan 2021: George Economides, the Future of Mobility team leader at Oxfordshire County Council, discusses the challenges of international CAV collaboration, and how simulations and operational design domain can bridge the gaps.

Cómo modelar ciclistas en Aimsun Next

Julio de 2020: En Aimsun Next ahora puedes añadir a tu modelo vehículos no basados en carriles, como las bicicletas. En esta nota técnica, exploraremos cómo crear ciclistas en tu modelo y veremos algunos escenarios posibles.

Traffic on the digital road

Dec 2020, GSV Yearbook: Dr Karin Kraschl-Hirschmann describes the potential of Aimsun and Siemens ITS solutions for evaluating multimodal door-to-door travel and even smart traffic systems and connected cities in Austria.