Aimsun’s modular platform

Aimsun’s system architecture is flexible and modular.

It can adapt to almost any application, budget, timeframe or new technology.

Offline analytics modules

Offline analytics modules process historical data, which is used to train the AI-based real-time analytics modules.

The Raw Data Analyzer scans and homogenizes the formatted raw data.

The Demand Generator produces a set of 24-hour traffic demands for each daily pattern (as input for the traffic simulations)

The Offline Cleaner identifies gaps and outliers in the data and replaces them with estimated data.

The Pattern Generator extracts daily patterns from data.

Real-time analytics modules

Real-time analytics modules process real-time data, which we use to monitor and predict the state of the network.

The Quality Monitor compares forecasts with real data, providing quality scoring for each process.

The Pattern Matcher determines the optimal pattern for the given partial time-series of each detector.

The Online Cleaner identifies gaps and outliers in the real data and replaces them with estimated data.

The Reality Acquirer is a service that runs continuously to poll raw real-time data from the data hub and to normalize them.

The Collision Risk Predictor estimates an accident risk indicator at the locations covered by real-time data.

The Incident Detector is an independent module performing with one automatic incident detection (AID) algorithm.

The Network Mobility Forecaster offers short- and mid-term predictions, i.e., next 15-60 minutes or next few hours or next days of what is measured where it is measured.

The Unusual Traffic Detector monitors all timeseries in the network and raises alarms when atypical values on these timeseries are recorded.

The Network State Estimator propagates the local measures and predictions to the entire network.

Simulation modules

The simulation modules perform traffic simulations.

The Offline Simulator runs on-demand simulations of alternative traffic demands, planned and unplanned events, and response plans to perform tests and support decisions.

The Simulation-based Predictor consists in automatic continuous network monitoring, providing full sets of status data to early alert for non-recurrent situations.

The Response Plan Evaluator runs on-demand parallel simulations of alternative response plans, plus the Do-Nothing scenario. This allows the operator to identify the most effective plan given the current conditions.

User Interface (UI) modules

The user interface modules provide a web-based portal to analyze the outputs of the platform.

The Manage UI allows any operator to take actions over any real event happening now in the network.

The Data Visualization UI allows to display forecast section and detection status, coming from constant monitoring or from response plan evaluation.

The Plan UI supports the planning of roadworks that will happen in the future by using the Manage UI, but setting the time when the planned roadworks is going to happen.

The Monitor UI is built to easily check what’s happening in the network in real time.

Aimsun digital mobility solutions in action

Aimsun’s suite of five standard solutions combine data analytics, prediction and simulation to support projects of any size, scope, timeline and budget.  

Aimsun Insight

Rapidly transform big data into valuable mobility insights – identify recurring problems and support transport planning decisions.

Aimsun Predict

Process real-time data to forecast upcoming traffic states: receive alerts for sudden anomalies or problems, and support proactive decisions.

Aimsun Start

Fast, high-level scenario assessment using open data and non-real-time simulation. Perfect for pre-feasibility studies or an overview of the impact of road closures, new roads or dedicated bus lanes.

Aimsun Plus​

An all-in-one solution to mobility modeling for a whole city or even a region. Get a single, united network representation of how people move in any mode, on any scale.

Aimsun Live​

A complete decision support solution for real-time transportation management. Operate a complex, large-scale mobility network smoothly and reliably in all conditions.

Custom solutions

From autonomous vehicle stack testing to building a business case for a ride-sharing service, Aimsun 
can do it all. Get in touch and tell our solution design team what you need.

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