Final Customer

Mairie de Paris


Paris, France


February 2018 – January 2019

Recalibration of the Paris model




The client wanted a ready-to-use model to study all future projects over many time horizons and to benefit from a variety of dynamic statistics.

Location Characteristics

The mesoscopic model covered the whole city of Paris within the perimeter of the Parisian ring road. The macroscopic model covered the entire Ile-de-France region.

Aimsun Solution

From recent input data, the Aimsun team recalibrated the historical Paris model. The first step was to process traffic data for the last few months of 2017 in order to determine a traffic profile against which to validate the model.


The model was first recalibrated at the macroscopic scale in order to have a strategic model for territorial studies. During this process, the team readjusted network parameters and made speed and capacity corrections in line with the latest studies carried out with the tool. This model was then calibrated at the mesoscopic level for the Paris metropolitan area, on the basis of the macroscopic results, resulting in an operational model that allowed detailed study of traffic conditions.

Benefit to Customer

Thanks to this new model, the Mairie de Paris has been able to evaluate many development projects in the city to choose the most feasible solutions in terms of impacts within the city (mesoscopic scale) and outside the city (macroscopic scale).

Reason for Success

The Aimsun team pooled their skills to improve the model and implementation of a huge variety of input data, including detailed demand by vehicle type, capacity based on traffic light plans, congested detectors, validation of demand in Paris and outside Paris, and validation of travel times.

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