Final Customer

Mairie de Paris

Prime Contractor

Mairie de Paris


Paris, France


April 2019 – December 2019

Paris - Eiffel Tower Development




The project aims to study different proposals for improving the urban design of the Eiffel Tower area and provide a more pleasant space for soft modes such as pedestrians and bicycles. This includes the closure of the Iena Bridge to create a path between the Place de Varsovie and the Eiffel Tower.

Location Characteristics

The project is located around the Eiffel Tower sector, located at the northwestern end of the Champ-de-Mars park on the banks of the River Seine in the 7th arrondissement. The urban situation around the foot of the Eiffel Tower is still very car-oriented so crossing is difficult for cars and pedestrians alike, and the walk to the Place de Varsovie is quite unpleasant.

Aimsun Solution

The Aimsun modeling team used the road traffic model developed over the last 10 years on behalf of the Marie de Paris. This traffic model is regularly fed with new data and updated to reproduce as faithfully as possible the traffic conditions within its perimeter.


The first stage of the study consisted of reconstructing the projected situation for the study time horizon in order to integrate all the proposed projects. Subsequently, the comparative study of the project situation against this reference situation made it possible to analyze the impact that the proposals might have on the traffic.


After an initial large-scale macroscopic study that determined traffic reports across the entire perimeter of the Ile-de-France region, a microscopic study specified the operational conditions in the Eiffel Tower area.

Benefit to Customer

The Mairie de Paris can see the impact of development on a wider territory to determine the roads impacted by the proposed changes. The microscopic simulation then makes it possible to specify the functioning of each sector in future and to refine the proposals according to these results.

Reason for Success

The steady development of the Paris citywide network model and the combination of macroscopic and microscopic scales made it possible to provide Mairie de Paris with strategic results across its territory but also to specify the operational functioning of the projected situations within the study area.

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