Side-lane merging in an Aimsun Next mesoscopic model

June 2022: Aimsun Next has a specific mesoscopic merging behavior model that is controlled by the cooperation gap and merging gap parameters. Mohammad Saifuzzaman explains how to use these parameters to control merging behavior and match observed traffic flow and congestion.

An Introduction to Aimsun Next

A video guide to the new features in Aimsun Next mobility modeling software for helping planners understand the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, and users of public transportation.

Reversible lanes and alternating one-way lanes

May, 2022: In transport networks, the available infrastructure may vary through the day. In this technical note we will review how to close lanes temporarily in one direction so that the other direction can use them

Double Award Win for Abu Dhabi Team

April, 2022: One of our most high-profile projects is the Abu Dhabi hybrid simulation transport model, which is part of the Emirate-wide STEAM+ transport modelling framework.


2022年4月:新的微观自由流加速(MFC)和电池消耗模型可以进行更准确的燃料和能源消耗分析。 本技术注解将引导你了解模型的细节以及每个参数如何影响车辆行为。

Abu Dhabi’s integrated transport modelling framework

March, 2022: In a project of unprecedented scale and complexity, the entire Abu Dhabi Emirate is to be served by a state-of-the-art, all-in-one transport modelling framework, built on the pillars of big data, integrated multi-tier modelling, and visualisation.

Mobility pattern prediction

Unlike purely data-driven methods, a simulation-based approach enables prediction of traffic states under recurrent conditions but also to predict the impact of incidents or changes to traffic control plans.


2022年3月:Next 22中引入的一个新功能,公交路线变更的交通管理行动。 本技术注解将介绍如何实施该行动以及可以使用该行动的方式。