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My model is in the Atlantic Ocean

“My model is in the Atlantic Ocean!”

Tessa Hayman guides you on how to set the coordinate reference system correctly in your Aimsun Next model.

Aimsun is now part of Atlantia

July, 2022: Atlantia has finalized the acquisition of Yunex Traffic from Siemens Mobility. As part of Yunex Traffic Group, this marks the beginning of a new chapter for Aimsun too.

October 26-27, 2022, The Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand

Thailand is actively building its transport infrastructure and investing in intelligent transport systems.
The Thai government has invested significantly in expanding and improving its infrastructure networks over the past decade.

September 28-30, 2022 Australasian Transport Research

ATRF is the principal transport research forum in Australasia. It maintains open dialogue among transport researchers, policymakers, advisors and practitioners, stimulating debate and forward-looking thinking about transport research across a wide range of subject areas.

Side-lane merging in an Aimsun Next mesoscopic model

June 2022: Aimsun Next has a specific mesoscopic merging behavior model that is controlled by the cooperation gap and merging gap parameters. Mohammad Saifuzzaman explains how to use these parameters to control merging behavior and match observed traffic flow and congestion.

Reversible lanes and alternating one-way lanes

May, 2022: In transport networks, the available infrastructure may vary through the day. In this technical note we will review how to close lanes temporarily in one direction so that the other direction can use them