Traffex 2023

Join us at the Yunex Traffic booth, E10, and experience the future of intelligent transportation systems. Discover our state-of-the-art solutions that are revolutionizing traffic management and creating safer, more efficient cities

PyDataBCN 2023

PyDataBCN is an annual event dedicated to bringing together the Data Engineering and Data Science community working with Python in Barcelona.


GREEN-LOG aims to accelerate systemic changes in last-mile delivery ecosystems for economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable city (urban) logistics.

Creating accessibility maps with Aimsun Next

Marga Delgado explains how to use the Isochrones tool in Aimsun Next to generate accessibility maps for different transportation modes and different criteria as distance or travel time and how accessibility maps can help assess the impact of new roads or transit services.

The Aimsun User Day is a huge success!

March 2023: The recent Aimsun User Day was an incredible success, bringing together transport professionals to discuss best practices, and explore the latest advancements in transport modeling and simulation technology.

Using space-time diagrams for calibration

Dimitris Triantafyllos explains how to create speed contour plots in Aimsun Next to show the time, location, and subsequent propagation and dispersal of congestion on the highway.


The PHOEBE team aims to develop an integrated, dynamic and scalable human-centered predictive safety assessment framework for all urban road users


SPINE proposes smart public transport initiatives to help European cities achieve climate neutrality.


Fleet and traffic management systems for conducting future cooperative mobility.

Aimsun wins five new Horizon Europe research projects

January 2023: The Aimsun Research Project team were just recovering from a mammoth bidding effort for Horizon Europe Projects. We are glad to report that we were very successful, and since October, have started 5 new projects.

Random seeds in transport models

This technical note will explain the different sources of stochasticity within micro and meso experiments in Aimsun Next and how you can control them.

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