OmniCAV: A Simulation and Modelling System that enables “CAVs for All”

Date: Tuesday September 22nd (Paper TuDT8.2)

Speaker: Mark Brackstone, Research Project Manager, Aimsun

Abstract: OmniCAV is laying the foundations for the development of a comprehensive, robust and secure simulator, aimed at providing a certification tool for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) that can be used by regulatory and accreditation bodies, insurers and manufacturers to accelerate the safe development of CAVs. 

To achieve this, OmniCAV is using highly detailed road maps, together with a powerful combination of traffic management, accident and CCTV data, to create a high-fidelity traffic and driving simulation environment to interact with the AV under test. 

Scenarios for testing are developed and randomised in a holistic way to avoid CAVs training to specific conditions. 

Critically, the simulator offers coverage of a representative element of the U.K. road network, through encompassing rural roads, periurban and urban roads to enable autonomy for all. The validity of the synthetic test environment compared to the real-world is of particular importance, and OmniCAV will be tested and refined through an iterative approach involving real-world comparisons and working in conjunction with a CAV testbed.


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