Video: How to use the new path assignment plan in Aimsun Next

Technical Note #47
May 2020

Script – Dimitris Triantafyllos
Production – Victoria Savchenko

Our Senior Product Specialist, Dimitris Triantafyllos, brings you this new pro tip on how the Path Assignment Plan feature gives you unparalleled flexibility in reusing previously calculated paths.


When do I use the path assignment plan?


The Path Assignment Plan is designed to serve three purposes:


  1. You are running multiple macro assignments, for different periods, and you want to use those paths for different periods within a single simulation;
  2. You are running separate DUEs for different time periods, then you want to run a one-shot that spans multiple time periods without having to run and calibrate a single DUE that exactly matches that period;
  3. You run a DUE for a long period, but then you want to run a one-shot for just a portion of that period without having to run and calibrate a single DUE that exactly matches that period.

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