VeriCAV: UK government project to test connected and autonomous vehicles

A new connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) project has been announced by the UK government today that will help to explore how simulated environments can support the development of self-driving technology.

The VeriCAV (Verification of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) project will develop an integrated platform to allow Automated Driving Systems (ADS) to be tested in simulation.

As CAV technology becomes increasingly sophisticated (and the UK more prepared for driverless cars on public roads), the industry needs to explore ways to ensure autonomous vehicles operate safely. However, safety evaluation is laborious and complex, and real-world testing can be impractical and incomplete – simulation gets around these problems and opens the doors to evaluating multi-layered and uncommon situations.

The VeriCAV simulation will also mean significantly improving test efficiency when evaluating countless driving scenarios, and at the same time it can replicate the behaviour and actions of obstacles in a realistic and consistent manner.

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