New release: Aimsun Next 24!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Today is the launch of the latest version of Aimsun Next mobility modeling software!

Aimsun Next 24 is a special release, tailored to enhance availability via annual subscription. With Aimsun Next 24, we are bringing in a new, more flexible subscription model that you can manage via our customer portal,

New features in Aimsun Next 24

Aimsun Next 24 builds on our commitment to transportation network analysis and optimization. Many of the new features focus on productivity with a view to enhancing the building and running of large-scale, multi-modal models for cities, highways, and regions.


Some of the highlights include:

  • Static macro assignment with continuous value of time (bi-criteria assignment): estimate more accurately the traffic using toll roads
  • Access travel time in the PT crowding discomfort function: you can now weight the discomfort of traveling on a crowded PT vehicle by the time you have to sit on-board
  • Waiting time outputs for pedestrians at crosswalks and PT stops: valuable statistics to analyze the benefit for pedestrians of a change in the signal timings or in the bus schedule
  • Gridlock prevention in meso by queue jump: reduces the likelihood of gridlocks in a mesoscopic simulation
  • External file references stored with relative paths: if you move a project to a different folder or computer, all external files contained in the project folder will still be found (even if you created custom subfolders).
  • SATURN importer: better handling of the import of multiple scenarios in a single model file
  • Copy and paste objects between models with different coordinate systems: the coordinate conversion happens on-the-fly and the pasted objects go to the right location
  • Bike detectors and impulse parallel reporting points with Yutraffic controllers: you can now test and simulate traffic signal controllers that use these settings in reality

Our new subscription-based licensing

Aimsun Next 24 is available via a new, more flexible subscription model that you can manage via our customer portal,

This brings many advantages for our customers to enjoy, including:

Cloud compatibility: Run Aimsun Next models in the cloud.

Remote access: License virtual machines and access Aimsun Next via remote desktop.

Global access: Use your Aimsun Next subscription anywhere in the world.

Security: A 30-day validation cycle protects you if your computer is damaged, lost or stolen.

Independence: Manage your own subscriptions and billing from the customer portal, 

To set up your subscription to Aimsun Next and unlock access to all the great new benefits, just contact us at

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