Aimsun wins five new Horizon Europe research projects

Published January 31, 2023

This time last year, the Aimsun Research Project team were just recovering from a mammoth bidding effort for Horizon Europe Projects. We are glad to report that we were very successful, and since October, have started 5 new projects!

  1. I4Driving – ‘Integrated 4D driver modelling under uncertainty’. This project aims to lay the foundation for a new industry-standard methodology to establish a credible and realistic human road safety baseline for virtual assessment of CCAM systems.
  2. PHOEBE – ‘Predictive approaches for safer urban Environments’. This project brings together traffic simulation, road safety assessment, human behaviour, mode shift and induced demand modelling and new and emerging mobility data into a harmonised, prospective assessment framework for road safety.
  3. CONDUCTOR – ‘Fleet and Traffic Management Systems for Conducting Future Cooperative Mobility’. This project aims to design, integrate and demonstrate advanced, high‐level traffic and fleet management that will allow efficient and optimal transport of passengers and goods, through dynamic balancing and priority‐based management of vehicles, and, since the new year.
  4. GreenLog – ‘Cooperative and Interconnected Green delivery solutions towards an era of optimized zero emission last-mile Logistics’. GreenLog aims to accelerate the shift to sustainable and smart mobility in last mile delivery, which will see us using Aimsun solutions for modeling on-demand transportation in urban testbeds.
  5. SPINE – ‘Smart public transport initiatives for climate-neutral cities in Europe’. SPINE’s vision is to accelerate the progress towards climate neutrality by reinforcing public transport systems through their smart integration with new mobility services, sharing schemes, active transport modes, and micromobility.

We will be preparing fuller descriptions of these projects over the next few weeks that will be available on the Aimsun Research Projects web page.

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