Aimsun expands operations in the Middle East

November 22nd, 2023

Aimsun’s global expansion continues with the official opening of our first office in the Middle East.  

In recent years, we have intensified Aimsun activities in the region and our new office, located in Cloud Spaces in the Abu Dhabi World Trade Centre, will offer valuable on-the-ground support to local clients and partners. We have already begun to recruit locally and will be rapidly augmenting our existing team with Middle East expertise.  

Aimsun CEO, Alexandre Torday, looks forward to actively advancing new mobility solutions in Abu Dhabi and throughout the Middle East – “This new branch is a key part of Aimsun’s long-term goal of closing the gap between simulation software and services, to offer end-to-end digital solutions globally.”  

A new Managing Director for the Middle East

Leading the new team is Paul Glover, Managing Director of Aimsun’s Middle East division. “I’m proud to be the first Managing Director of Aimsun Middle East and I’m ready to build on my previous experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“This is a stimulating time in the region because many cities and their initiatives are looking to scale up and take advantage of the innovation and new technologies around data and data-driven decisions across all aspects for their mobility projects. 

“I believe Aimsun is ideally positioned to help the region by providing the broadest portfolio of solutions to support the design, planning and operational needs of a new generation mobility model, utilising a much broader range of data than in traditional transport planning.” 

An Award-Winning Team

Oliver Capon, Graeme Inglis and Pablo Benavides visit the new Aimsun office, hosted by Cloud Spaces

Aimsun has already carried out award-winning work on two highly innovative projects with the Integrated Transport Centre – ITCAbuDhabi: the Hybrid Simulation Model (HSM) and a project based on Analytics as a Service. The HSM extends the modelling capabilities of ITC Abu Dhabi to allow more detailed analysis of any part of the transportation network across the Emirate. Through Analytics as a Service, Aimsun is using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help ITC Abu Dhabi extract additional value from its billions of records of transport, travel and socio-economic data in the Data Warehouse. 

Next Steps

Further projects with ITC Abu Dhabi are already underway, including optimization of road works and construction management. 

“The Middle East is a forward-thinking region with the resources and ambition to unlock the full potential of Aimsun digital mobility solutions,” says Paul Glover. “The DoTs are prepared to take a “can-do” approach and show world-leading thinking in leveraging their data to develop innovative transport concepts, supporting operations and helping to evaluate future mobility schemes.”

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