Aimsun announces new Global Head of Professional Services

Published December 13, 2022

Today Aimsun welcomes Graeme Inglis as the new Global Head of Professional Services. This is a key position in Aimsun’s management team and was previously held by Dr Alex Torday, who took the helm as Aimsun’s CEO earlier this year. Graeme is based in our London branch but will be traveling frequently to Aimsun headquarters in Barcelona. 

“With the support and energy of the entire Professional Services team behind him, Graeme will be leading the charge to improve Aimsun’s project delivery efficiency. This is critical as we expect services to account for more and more of our annual revenue”, said Dr Torday.   

Graeme has nearly 30 years’ experience working in transportation and is a well-known industry figure. He started out in SIAS (the developers of Paramics software) in the 1990s and went on to work his way up through various consulting companies until becoming the Transportation Planning Director of WSP in Australia.  

Graeme moved to London with WSP in 2015 to take a director role before moving to Transport for London, where he helped them set up their global consulting business. In his most recent role, Graeme was the UK market lead for GoAscendal, a global sustainable transit start-up.  

 Coincidentally, Graeme is our second Scottish rugby-playing Global Head – he is joined by Scott Aitken who in fact played in the same rugby team as Graeme back in the 1990s. We hasten to add that these were by no means decisive factors in their appointment to their future roles in Aimsun - just proof that it is a small world and an even smaller ITS industry!  

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