Final Customer

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)

Prime Contractor

OBT and Aimsun


Sydney, Australia


August 2016 – April 2019

Sydney M4 Smart Motorway Offline Hybrid Model




TfNSW understood that delays on alternative corridors would lead to some drivers choosing to take a different route, either occasionally or all the time, when measures such as SCATS Ramp Metering System (SRMS) or additional lanes were introduced.


The model needed to reflect the existing conditions faithfully yet remain sufficiently flexible to test various improvements.

Project Location

The Sydney M4 runs between Governors Drive, Lapstone in the west, and James Ruse Drive, Harris Park in the east and is about 40 km long, with 13 existing interchanges.


Two parallel routes – Great Western Highway and Parramatta Road – serve as the alternative route choices during periods of heavy congestion.


The motorway also intersects with the M7 motorway that carries north/south traffic.

Aimsun Solution

Aimsun Next was the only modelling tool with a RMS-certified interface with both SCATSim and SRMS; Aimsun could also provide the necessary integrated modeling approach across macro, meso and micro.


Aimsun provided critical support in the process of calibrating and validating the existing condition base model as well as the development of the future base models.


As TfNSW was still in the development phase, there was a highly collaborative approach between the development teams and Aimsun to fine tune the interface as the products improved. The subsequent SRMS interface introduced in Aimsun Next provided a robust platform that allows the end client to scale and test the modelling requirements.

Benefit to Customer

The model was used successfully in assessing not only the typical motorway upgrades such as motorway widening, additional interchanges and major arterial road updates but also understanding the effects of introducing smart solutions such as SCATS ramp metering system.


The model was used to identify the location of breakdowns and in determining the optimum input parameters for each ramp meter. The feedback to date indicated that the consistent outcome between the modeling results and the observed breakdown locations.

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