Move Brilliantly.

As a revolution in technology, economics, and behavior reshapes how we move across the built environment, Aimsun software helps thousands of international users model tomorrow’s smart mobility networks, today.


What’s happening at Aimsun?

Your Personal Mobility Modeling Lab

Use Aimsun Next mobility modeling software to analyze anything from a single intersection to an entire region.

Model Every Movement at Every Moment

Aimsun Live simulates mobility in real time, allowing traffic managers to anticipate congestion on our roads, and stop it before it happens.

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Simulate a Driverless Future

Aimsun Auto is a new software platform for large-scale design and validation of path planning algorithms for self-driving vehicles.

Model Mobility as a Service

Aimsun Ride simulates Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT), and City Logistics applications.

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Aimsun Licensees

Together with its distributors, Aimsun services nearly 6,000 licences in 85 countries, including government agencies, consultancy firms and academic institutions.

Here is a small selection of some of our clients: