We offer the most competitive portfolio of academic options on the market.

195 universities in 48 countries use Aimsun software for academic purposes, including more than half of the top 50 universities in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Subscribe to the edition that matches your needs and join the Aimsun movement!

For researchers, lecturers and postdocs who want unlimited scope, power and flexibility for their modeling projects:

    • • All the power of Expert edition at a fraction of the standard market price
    • • No size limitations
    • • All optional modules and programming tools available
    • • Annual subscription
    • • Buy multiple years upfront

For each Academic Research edition that you subscribe to, we’ll include a FREE subscription to a Classroom edition over the same period so that your students can try out Aimsun modeling software in the lab.

The Classroom edition is for lecturers and professors who want to teach groups of students in the university or college lab:

  • • Free with every subscription to an Academic Research edition
  • • Expert edition with some size restrictions
  • • Model up to 100 nodes and 200 km of lanes
  • • No time locks or limits on daily simulation time
  • • Save option, so that students can continue with their work in the next class
  • • Flexible extension packs if you need to add extra users

For students who want to work on their own computer:

  • • Free
  • • Expert edition with some size restrictions
  • • Save all your work
  • • No time locks or limits on daily simulation time

If you need to go beyond the limitations of a Student edition and you are a PhD or Master’s student studying a relevant field, then we’d love to help.

Maybe you want to use the Microscopic Simulator Software Development Kit, or the Application Programming Interface? Maybe you want to explore interfaces with external agents? Tell us about your thesis or dissertation and we can help you choose the right package.