Modeling interaction with driverless vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle International, Oct 2020: Paolo Rinelli summarizes the new Aimsun software features and collaborations that give insights into potential driverless vehicle scenarios.

Wiesbaden: DIGI-V

To improve air quality in the city of Wiesbaden, Aimsun Live forecasts combine with the IMMIS emission model and Siemens’ Sitraffic Concert to assess traffic management strategies in real time.

Sydney: M4 Smart Motorway System

Aimsun Live is the traffic prediction software at the heart of the NSW Government’s $600m M4 Smart Motorway project. The project uses real-time data, communications and ITS to improve traffic flow.

Gold Coast: Predictive Solutions Trial

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads commissioned an operational Aimsun Live implementation to assess its accuracy and potential value for future operations planning.

New release: Aimsun Next 8.1.4

New features in this minor update include 2-lane car-following in adjacent subpaths, subpaths outputs by entry and exit section and subpath trajectories.

Grand Lyon: European Opticities

Three-year, EC-backed pilot project to show how prediction tools can help traffic centre operators anticipate and mitigate congestion, particularly at peak times.

路网配置第1部分 – 工作流程

2015年12月:Andreu Tarrida向您介绍关于“路网配置”功能的四部分系列的第1部分,这篇注解介绍了这个主题,并让你简单了解了工作流程。