RMS selects Tyco and Aimsun Live for Sydney M4 Smart Motorway

NSW RMS Aimsun traffic modelling software

Roads and Maritime Services has selected Tyco as systems integrator for the Sydney M4 Smart Motorway Management System deployment and Aimsun Live as the decision support system for managing traffic in real time along its corridor. This will be the first smart motorway for NSW and the first simulation-based predictive system ever implemented in Australia.


The M4 Smart Motorway will introduce a smarter way of travelling the M4 by integrating real-time information, communication and traffic management tools, to provide motorists with a safer, smoother and more reliable journey. The area covers a 48-km corridor of the M4 Motorway and its arterial roads, stretching from the bottom of the Blue Mountains to the Sydney Olympic Park.

he Sydney M4 Smart Motorway. Image credit: RMS

Click to enlarge: The Sydney M4 Smart Motorway. Image credit – RMS



A departure from traditional forecasting

Unlike traditional analytical forecasting processes, Aimsun Live (which is based on the simulation of individual vehicles) combines the best of simulation and the data analytics. Via Tyco’s ‘Meridian’ ITS Platform for monitoring and controlling transport systems, Aimsun Live can emulate the M4’s intelligent transportation policies like ramp meters, variable speed limit and variable message signs.


It is also connected to the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) for reading detection data and real-time traffic signal controller status, which means that it can accurately emulate the SCATS traffic signal logic.


This system allows traffic control room operators to make short-term predictions about the likely levels of congestion and also to compare alternative response plans and make the best choice of congestion mitigation strategy.


The first stage of construction is expected to start in the next few months, and the M4 smart motorway will be fully operational by 2020.


For further information: RMS M4 Smart Motorway Project Update 2017

RMS M4 Smart Motorway Project Update 2017
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