New release: Aimsun 8.1.1

Release date: 7 August 2015

Aimsun 8.1.1 brings you the following Fast Track features (available to users with a Software Update Subscription valid in July 2015):


  • File generation for the VERSIT+ emissions and energy use model
  • Incremental DUE: prevents gridlocks in the first iterations of the DUE by loading just a fraction of the demand, meaning you can reach convergence faster
  • User interface for the APA Fixer: now you can modify the original APA file for use in a defined modified network


Aimsun 8.1.1 also features the following improvements:


  • The SSAM module is included in the main installer, with direct access for all users with an API license
  • The Windows 64bit version comes with Visual Studio 2013 for developing APIs
  • Legion for Aimsun is compatible with SpaceWorks R6


Please note that to use Aimsun 8.1.1 your Software Update Subscription (SUS) must have been valid on or after January 2015.


To help us keep track of everything, please email your suggestions, comments or questions about any issues you encounter to


For further general information please email


We wish you all the best with Aimsun 8.1.1 – let us know what you think!

  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。


  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。