New release: London Emissions Model in latest release of Aimsun Next

The latest version of Aimsun Next, 8.2.2 is now ready for download, with some exciting new features:


London Emissions Model (LEM)

This new emissions model measures pollutants in microscopic and mesoscopic simulations. This initial release includes options for modeling CO2 and NOX emissions from configurable fleets of European vehicles, to extend to North American fleets in the future. This is a Fast Track feature and is available to users with a Software Upgrade Subscription (SUS) valid on or after October 2017.


Faster performance

40% improvement in the speed of macroscopic assignment, macroscopic adjustment and departure adjustment.



The redesigned SATURN importer now supports knob files, user classes and the creation of geometry configurations from multiple scenario files.



Now you can export not only the vehicle flows to SIDRA but also the geometry, so you no longer have to create the subnetwork manually (only available with Signal Optimisation Interfaces licence).


We wish you all the best with Aimsun Next 8.2.2!


The new London Emissions Model (LEM) measures pollutants in microscopic and mesoscopic simulations

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  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。