New release! Aimsun Next 20.0.2 is ready for download

Version 20.0.2 is ready to download from

For this update, we’d like to highlight some improvements related to mesoscopic and hybrid macro–meso modeling.


Fast Track Feature

First up is our Fast Track feature for on-ramp behavior in mesoscopic models. There are two new parameters that give you more control over how vehicles move from an on-ramp lane into the main stream in a mesoscopic simulation: Cooperation Gap and Merging Gap.




Cooperation Gap and Merging Gap


  • Use Cooperation Gap to set the minimum time gap that vehicles in the on-ramp lane need to move safely into the main stream.
  • Use Merging Gap to set a minimum headway between vehicles in the main stream.


Hybrid meso-macro modeling

Two improvements are now in place for hybrid macro-meso models: traffic management actions and an initial state.



A wide range of Aimsun Next traffic management actions are now available for use throughout a hybrid macro–meso model:



Traffic Management Action
  • Close lane*
  • Close turn
  • Reduce speed*
  • Force turn
  • Force path update
  • Change destination
  • Create section incident*
  • Create periodic section incident*
  • Deactivate a reserved lane
  • Change control plan
  • Macroscopic area
  • Change section parameters

* Some limitations apply in macro areas


You can now use an initial state with hybrid macro–meso models. Like a microscopic initial state, it stores all the necessary information about vehicles in macro and meso areas. When the initial state is loaded, the vehicles are placed in the network, which means you can load vehicles from meso to macro or from macro to meso areas.

See the attached Release Notes for the complete list of all bug fixes and enhancements in this new release.


Sending your data to us

The only occasions on which Aimsun Next sends your data to us is when a software crash occurs. All your data is secure and is only used to analyze issues that might help us to improve the software. Full details of how we handle data, and how to opt out, are in the User Manual topic, “Privacy Statement”.


Software Update Subscription

If you have a SUS valid from April 2020, you’re ready to use Aimsun Next 20.0.2. To enjoy the Fast Track feature, you’ll need a SUS valid from December 2020. To renew your SUS, write to us at and we’ll be happy to help.


If you have any technical issues with this new release, please let us know at

We wish you all the best with Aimsun Next 20.0.2!

  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。


  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。