New release: Aimsun Next 8.1.4

We are happy to announce that version 8.1.4 of Aimsun Next is here and ready for download.


Aimsun Next 8.1.4 addresses issues with previous versions that you reported to us or that we found as part of our ongoing QA tests. The following Fast Track features are available to all users with a Software Update Subscription valid in December 2016:


  • 2-lane car-following in adjacent subpaths
  • Subpaths outputs by entry and exit section
  • Subpath trajectories


Aimsun Next 8.1.4 also features the following improvements:


  • HASP drivers updated to v7.51
  • Legion for Aimsun Next updated to Legion 6.3.1
  • The VISUM importer now handles .net files for signals and control plan importation, on/off ramps, give way intersections, lanes reserved for public transport, and additional attributes for sections and turns
  • Additional 2D shapes for vehicles: rickshaws, long trucks, tractors and trailers


Please note that to use Aimsun Next 8.1.4 your Software Upgrade Subscription (SUS) must have been valid on or after January 2015.


We’d like to thank you for your continued vigilance in reporting bugs and for your insightful suggestions. To help us keep track of everything, please email your comments or questions about any issues you encounter to


Wishing you all the best with Aimsun Next 8.1.4!

Subpaths in Aimsun traffic modelling software
2D shapes in Aimsun traffic modelling software
  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。


  • 有问题吗? 请联系我们。