Final Customer

Mairie de Paris

Prime Contractor

Aimsun SARL


Paris, France


January 2020 – April 2020

Maine Montparnasse Macro-Meso Study




Mairie de Paris wanted an impact study of the operation of the redevelopment of the Montparnasse – Maine sector.


Proposed improvements included the reconfiguration of the major intersection at “Place 18 Juin” in order to reduce traffic conflict, reserving some streets for taxis and public transport, reducing traffic flow in some streets from two lanes to one.

Location Characteristics

The project is located around the Maine Montparnasse train station between the 14th and the 15th arrondissements. The scale of the Aimsun Next dynamic model means that the impacts of the proposed improvements on the traffic could be assessed well beyond the perimeter of the development.

Aimsun Solution

The Aimsun modeling team used the road traffic model developed over the last 10 years for the Mairie de Paris. This traffic model is regularly fed with new data and updated to reproduce as faithfully as possible the traffic conditions within its perimeter.


The first stage of the study consisted of reconstructing the projected situation of the study time horizon in order to integrate all the proposed projects. Subsequently, the comparative study of the project situation against this reference situation made it possible to analyze the impact that the proposals might have on the traffic.


After an initial large-scale macroscopic study that determined traffic reports across the entire perimeter of the Ile-de-France region, a mesoscopic study specified the operational conditions across the entire city of Paris and in particular, around the Maine Montparnasse train station.

Benefit to Customer

The customer can see the impact of development on the wider territory to determine the roads impacted by the proposed changes. The mesoscopic simulation then made it possible to specify the functioning of each sector and each junction in future and to refine the proposals according to these results.

Reason for Success

The steady development of the Paris citywide network model and the combination of macroscopic and mesoscopic scales made it possible to provide Mairie de Paris with strategic results across its territory but also to specify the operational functioning of the projected situations within the study area.

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