Final Customer

Mairie de Paris


Paris, France


April 2017 – September 2017

Extension of T3 tram line: Porte d’Asnières - Porte Dauphine




The client wanted to evaluate the regional impact of four different designs for the east extension of the T3 tramway with a model covering the Ile-de-France region. The client also wanted an optimal revised traffic control plan for each design.

Location Characteristics

Boulevard des Maréchaux, Paris, France.

Aimsun Solution

Aimsun carried out a traffic study to evaluate impacts of the extension of the T3 line from Porte d’Asnières to Porte Dauphine by 2022.


A preliminary macroscopic study assessed traffic transfers caused by the project at the regional Ile-de-France scale, to better understand the scope of the project’s impacts. Then, thanks to the powerful integration in Aimsun Next, a microscopic study, based on macro results, determined operational functioning taking into account the effects observed on a larger scale in the previous part of the study.


Results were obtained for the morning peak hour (8am to 9am) and the evening rush hour (6pm to 7pm). Actuated control plans were also represented in order to evaluate crossing performance and traffic impacts regarding the frequency of public transport.

Benefit to Customer

The Aimsun team compared the performance of each design at the regional scale (macroscopic) and at the local scale (microscopic) to evaluate the performance of the four designs. This enabled Aimsun to fine-tune a traffic control concept for each design.


To evaluate safety, Aimsun studied the visual outputs of the simulation and the interactions between trams and other modes; to evaluate capacity, Aimsun collected the numerical outputs (queue lengths at intersections as a function of time) and collated them to summarize the risk of blockage in each scenario.

Reason for Success

Quantification of detailed dynamics was essential: vehicles partly blocking an intersection, pedestrians crossing late or trams passing over a detector were all minute details that could make a difference. Aimsun also included stochastic elements and examined a range of possible situations.

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