Training Aimsun Traffic Simulation Software

Aimsun Training Courses

We offer standard and customised Aimsun training, ranging from basic use to advanced programming for research. Most of our standard courses are delivered at our offices in Barcelona, London, Paris, Sydney and New York. We are also happy to schedule on-site training and to customise course content to suit your particular requirements. Depending on the participants’ needs, we hold the courses in English, French or Spanish.

In addition to holding standard courses at our offices, we work with our distributors to offer training sessions all around the world; so far we have run well-attended courses all over Europe and in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa and Turkey.

Standard Aimsun training topics

Aimsun training course modules cover a number of topics:

Editing exercises

  • Geometry
  • Traffic demand
  • Public transport
  • Control

Creating scenarios – exercises

  • Dynamic scenarios
  • Microscopic experiments
  • Replications


  • Presentation of results
  • Results exercises: showing results graphically and numerically

Traffic management exercises

  • Incidents
  • Forced turns
  • Closing turns
  • Closing lanes

Stochastic route choice

  • Presentation of stochastic route choice
  • Stochastic route choice exercises

Microscopic modelling

  • Microscopic model presentation
  • Model parameters
  • Calibration
  • Validation

Macroscopic modelling

  • Traffic assignment
  • Adjusting matrices
  • Transversal matrices
  • Exercises

Mesoscopic modelling and DUE

  • Presentation of the mesoscopic model
  • Parameters
  • Hybrid micro-meso modelling

Microscopic modelling

  • Presentation of the microscopic model
  • Parameters
  • Presentation of dynamic user equilibrium (DUE)
  • Exercises

Travel demand modelling: the four-step model

  • Trip generation
  • Trip distribution and modal split
  • Transversal matrices
  • Exercises

Dynamic simulator and platform improvements

  • Outputs
  • Dynamic models
Aimsun training course Aimsun training course Aimsun training course Aimsun training course


Course structure

Aimsun training courses have a modular design. This flexibility allows you to form a precise match with your requirements. We offer standard training weeks with the topics above divided into the following 4 modules:

Module 1 (2 days) covers the basic aspects of how to edit, simulate and obtain results with Aimsun. It is aimed at new users of any Aimsun edition (Small, Standard, Professional, Advanced, Expert) with little knowledge of Aimsun.

Module 2 (1 day) offers an intensive examination of stochastic route choice and microscopic modelling techniques. It focuses on users who want to refresh their skills in microsimulation and also on new users who attended Module 1.

Module 3 (1 day) focuses on users who already have some experience in microsimulation and who wish to extend their knowledge of macroscopic and mesoscopic modelling. It is also open to new users who attended the two previous modules.

Module 4 (1 day) focuses on getting the best out of Aimsun 8, including travel demand modelling and various other platform improvements.

While there is no need for prior experience with Aimsun software for these courses, we do strongly recommend that you take the time beforehand to familiarise yourself with the software and run through the tutorials in the Aimsun installer. This will ensure that you get the most out of the training.

Registration fees depend on the course content and location. They include instruction, training materials and refreshments. For the hands-on exercises, we advise participants to bring their own laptops. Registrations are subject to availability and payment must be received in full in advance of the course. Maximum class sizes apply.