6 September 2016

Integrated Models Workshop: Transport, Air Quality, and Real-Time Decision Making


The ITS UK Smart Environment Interest Group (SEIG), SEPA, Transport Scotland, and academic partners have arranged this one-day workshop to discuss the latest developments in the National Modelling Framework (NMF), the National Low Emission Framework (NLEF), and the opportunities for cross professional development of new approaches to decision-making and modelling strategies in Scotland.

The Workshop will:

  • Look at collating and integrating the current transport models to new NMF air quality capacity models
  • Continue to develop cross-professional understanding and engagement on the approach to NLEF delivery
  • Provide an opportunity to further develop an academic led community in Scotland to provide supporting evidence and added value on transport and air quality management

Pete Sykes, Regional Manager, Business Development in the UK will be speaking on the topic of “Options for Improvement: innovative technical solutions for the transport sector”.

To book a meeting with Pete in advance, please contact us at info@aimsun.com.

Workshop: Integrated Models - Transport, Air Quality, and Real-Time Decision Making, Edinburgh

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