TSS-Transport Simulation Systems partner with FOT-Net Data

TSS becomes associated partner with FOT-Net

TSS has just become an Associated Partner with FOT-Net, joining Ifsttar, Nissan, ITS-UK, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and many more.

FOT-Net Data, Field Operational Test Networking and Data Sharing Support, is a 3-year support action project to support the efficient sharing and re-use of available FOT (Field Operational Tests) datasets, develop and promote a framework for data sharing, build a detailed catalogue of available data and tools and operate an international networking platform for FOT activities.

The FOT-Net Data project keeps the momentum of the FOT network and delivers new perspectives with regard to the sharing and re-usage of the available FOT-Net Data sets. Sharing collected valuable datasets from the recent years will yield further research results, support education at high levels and contribute to market introduction of improved vehicle ICT.

Our first activity as associated partners with FOT-Net will be to attend the FOT-Net Data Workshop on the topic of reusing data, to be held in Barcelona on 16th and 17th December 2014.

For further general information please email info@aimsun.com.