Transport of Tomorrow

March 24-25

Transport of Tomorrow, Sydney

Join Alex Torday and Timothy Lim in Transport of Tomorrow 2020. It brings together people and organisations to generate new ideas and initiatives.

There is increasing recognition that the best transport systems are created through integration. This includes integration of data, systems and technology, and of the thinking of the people that make it all happen. This year’s theme is therefore Progress through Integration, an idea that will be woven throughout the program.

In 2020 Transport of Tomorrow will examine how Australia is doing with its initiatives in key transport areas, and how we will move forward. This includes a mix of industrial, academic and government perspectives, new findings from completed iMOVE projects, and international commentary.

There will be ‘pitch’ sessions to encourage new or hidden ideas to come to the fore, and learnings and ideas from those with ‘skin in the game’ about how to go about successfully working together.

Find out more at the event website.

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