22-23 November 2018, Multi-resolution modeling and calibration, Barcelona

This two-day, hands-on Aimsun Next training course will be held from Thursday 22nd November to Friday 23rd November 2018 at the Aimsun head office in Barcelona.

The course follows the Simulating with Aimsun Next training course held earlier in the week; the two courses can be attended together or separately.

The training course will be taught in English.

Prices and registration

For prices and registration details please contact info@aimsun.com. Maximum class sizes apply.

Course Contents

Multi-resolution modelling

  • Macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic modelling approach
  • Hybrid simulation
  • Static and dynamic cost functions
  • Path calculation techniques
  • Demand preparation
  • Multi-resolution modelling project workflow
  • Exercise

Advanced calibration of mesoscopic and microscopic models

  • Calibration workflow
  • Procedures to estimate calibration parameters from real data
  • Tips and techniques to troubleshoot calibration issues
  • Validation criteria
  • Importing real data
  • Statistic indicators to compare simulation outputs with real data

Aimsun training course

Multi-resolution modeling in Aimsun Next

Aimsun training course

Multi-modal traffic in central Barcelona