Aimsun Next Training Course: Meso, hybrid, macro

March 23-24

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, this is a remote training course that you can take from home via video conferencing.

Price: 575.00 AUD (Excl. Tax)

Course language: English

Time: : The tutor for this online course is based in Sydney, so the course will start at 9:00h and end at 13:30h (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

Platform: We use Microsoft Teams for most of our online classes. If you have a software or security issue, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

How to install our software: Once you have signed up, we will send you two-step installation instructions for a temporary training license of Aimsun Next software. Please start this process 48 hours before the course starts to allow time for trouble shooting.

March 23-24

This course zooms out from microscopic simulation to look at larger scale modeling. You’ll learn about the event-based mesoscopic model and how to combine it with a more detailed time-sliced microsimulator.

Then you’ll get to experiment with static macroscopic modelling, which is often used as a preliminary step to dynamic modeling to extract the demand of a subarea from a regional model, to adjust and time-slice it, and to get an initial set of paths to warm-start dynamic assignment.

Mesoscopic network loading

Mesoscopic vehicle behavior

Calibration of a mesoscopic model

Hybrid microscopic-mesoscopic simulation

Macroscopic modeling

Static traffic assignment

Traversal demand calculation

Demand adjustment


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Maximum class sizes apply.