Aimsun Next Training Course: Multi-tier & Calibration, Barcelona

May 7-8, 2020

Multi-tier & Calibration

Course language: English

This course zooms out from microscopic simulation to look at larger scale modeling. You’ll learn about the event-based mesoscopic model and how to combine it with a more detailed time-sliced microsimulator.

Then you’ll get to experiment with static macroscopic modelling, which is often used as a preliminary step to dynamic modeling to extract the demand of a subarea from a regional model, to adjust and time-slice it, and to get an initial set of paths to warm-start dynamic assignment.



Morning session: 09:15–13:15 (including a 15-min break)
Afternoon session: 14:00–17:30 (including a 15-min break)

May 7-8

Day 1

Multi-resolution modeling

Macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic modeling approach

Hybrid simulation

Static and dynamic cost functions

Path calculation techniques

Demand preparation

Multi-resolution modeling project workflow


Day 2

Advanced calibration of mesoscopic and microscopic models

Calibration workflow

Procedures to estimate calibration parameters from real data

Tips and techniques to troubleshoot calibration issues

Validation criteria

Importing real data

Statistic indicators to compare simulation outputs with real data



Location to be confirmed. We will update this page as soon as we have more information.


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