April 2-4, 2019


  Come and meet the Aimsun UK team at stand K025 and we’ll treat you to a free speciality coffee and give you a demonstration of our mobility modeling software. We’ll also be present at the Siemens stand, D010, showcasing our UK collaborations.

In addition, Gav Jackman, Managing Director of Aimsun Ltd, will be announcing a major new modelling project at 11.20 am on Tuesday 2nd April (News Alert Session, Trading Floor Theatre).

Gav will then present this dynamic project in more detail on 10am on Wednesday 3rd April.

As a teaser, we can reveal that Aimsun is engaged in building one of the largest Aimsun Next macroscopic and mesoscopic integrated models in existence. This will provide the client with the missing link of a model that is both large-scale and dynamic, which will constitute a vast improvement in model functionality and the traffic management process.

Traffex 2019