Towards a Humane City Conference

Novi Sad, Serbia

December 6-7

December 6-7, 2019, Towards a Humane City Conference, Novi Sad

Tamara Djukic will attend the 7th International Conference Towards a Humane City in Serbia. The conference aims to talk about environmentally friendly mobility.

Thematic fields for this year are:

  • Governance of the smart and sustainable mobility
  • New mobility services
  • Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles
  • Future mobility data collection and demand modelling
  • Case studies and assessment of ITS applications
  • Public transport organization
  • New perspectives for urban freight and logistics development
  • Land use to support urban mobility
  • New pricing measures
  • The role of walking and cycling in reducing congestion
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Traffic safety

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