Tongi University accepts OKTAL’s SCANeR studio 8 DoF simulator

OKTAL has announced the site acceptance of the SCANeR studio 8 DoF simulator by the University of Tongji. The SCANeR simulators use Aimsun software in their driving simulation engines to enhance the virtual driving environment and immerse drivers in completely realistic traffic situations.

Aimsun brings the ability to simulate traffic on the scale of a whole city or even an entire region, allowing the SCANeR simulator to push virtual realism to a whole new level with information about traffic density on major roads, accidents, road works and rerouting. The blending of the complementary Aimsun and SCANeR simulation models allows the scientists at Tongji University to safely study dangerous driving situations, reactions to new road infrastructure features or test prototype navigation systems against real-time alerts for congestion, incidents or work zones as well as emergency vehicle training in rush hour conditions.

For further information on Aimsun and SCANeR integration, take a look at this article or visit

Aimsun and SCANeR integration