Transport Modelling Standards Conference


December 11

December 11, 2019, Transport Modelling Standards Conference, Moscow

Aurore Remy and Martin Hartmann will attend the Transport Modelling Standards Conference in Moscow, Martin will do a presentation on The use of transport modeling tools to assess the readiness of the infrastructure for launching highly automated vehicles, join him on December 11th from 13:10h

This year’s theme is “Standardization of approaches in modeling transport demand in the process of urban planning”.

The questions proposed for discussion are designed for a wide range of specialists involved in the development of the transport system of the city of Moscow. The conference agenda outlines the practical application of transport models of the city of Moscow.

The introduction of a unified approach to carrying out transport modeling, as well as the systematization of initial data and methods for analyzing modeling results, will optimize the decision-making process in the field of public transport services, increase the effectiveness of interaction between executive authorities and design organizations in the development of urban planning documentation.

Find out more at the conference website.