Support and Services

You’re not on your own once you buy your Aimsun licence.

All licensed users qualify for free bug fixing and all minor software updates along with access to the Aimsun Forum, where users and our in-house consulting team exchange information, suggestions and advice online.

We also run regular training courses all over the world for both new and advanced Aimsun users and offer customised on-site training to help you get the best out of our software.

Aimsun traffic modelling software

Software Update Subscription (SUS)

The Software Update Subscription (SUS) is our software maintenance programme, which enables you to receive software updates for a flat annual fee. The first year’s SUS is included, free of charge, with every new licence that you buy and is optionally renewable thereafter.

The advantage of the SUS is twofold: it not only spreads out your update payments but also represents excellent value for money compared to purchasing individual updates as they come out.

Aimsun Fast Track

Aimsun traffic modelling software

As of July 2013, we are fast-tracking users’ access to the latest new features. Previously, new features were only officially released with new versions of Aimsun such as the update from Aimsun 7.0 to Aimsun 8.0. However, all Aimsun users with a valid SUS will now have fast-track access to new features as we unroll them, rather than having to wait for the next release.

Even if you choose not to renew your SUS, as long as your version of Aimsun is Aimsun 7 or newer, you will still have access to all bug fixes but not to the newest features.

For more information on the SUS including pricing and terms and conditions, please contact

Technical Support Packages

Technical Support is available in the form of fixed-time packages giving users the flexibility to select just the amount of support they need, when they need it. For further information regarding support packages, prices or to speak to an existing user and find out how it all works, please email


Our team of in-house specialists offer expert consulting services to Aimsun users. In addition to knowing the Aimsun software inside out, our consultants are qualified engineers and bring significant domain knowledge to bear on every project they work on.

Although TSS consultants are capable of specifying and delivering entire studies, our partners and clients tend to use their help selectively on the most challenging aspects of a project such as scoping and planning; calibration; advanced modelling; customisation and quality auditing. Our competitive fees enable you to deliver high quality results in a cost-efficient manner.

For more information on using TSS consulting services for your Aimsun project, please contact