30-31 March 2017, Aimsun scripting course, Sydney

Scripting in Aimsun is a powerful means of modifying a model, importing or exporting data and calculating and displaying results. This course teaches you how Aimsun scripts can dramatically increase your efficiency.

Note that while the course includes a review of the Python language, you should already be familiar with Python and the concepts of programming.

Course contents

Day 1

Introduction to Python
  • Variables & data types
  • Operations
  • Control flow statements
  • Defining a function
Introduction to scripting in Aimsun
  • Applications
  • Creating a script
  • Executing a script
  • Using the scripting documentation
Architecture of the Aimsun platform


Day 2

Aimsun scripting in practice


  • Error-checking inputs
  • Post-processing outputs
  • Exporting data
  • Editing the model
  • Importing data
  • Running a simulation
  • Customising cost functions


Prices and registration

For prices and registration, download the Sydney Aimsun training course registration form and send it to info@aimsun.com as soon as possible.



Saxons Training Facilities
Level 10
10 Barrack St Sydney
Tel: (02) 8234 6888

Aimsun scripting course, Sydney

The scripting course will be held in central Sydney – location to be confirmed

Aimsun scripting course, Sydney

Our training courses are in small groups with plenty of hands-on exercises

Python scripting in Aimsun

Click to enlarge: Python scripting in Aimsun