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A multi-operator tool for managing Demand-Responsive Transport

The MultiDEPART project aims to develop tools to plan, manage, and monitor Demand-Responsive Transit (DRT) solutions, targeting Public Transport Authorities. This will facilitate the harmonization and scalability of DRT services across European cities.

Project Objective

DRT services are gathering momentum in Europe, especially in small and medium-sized cities and in low-density suburbs surrounding large metropolitan areas. DRT, also known as Bus On Demand or Microtransit, allows the provision of public transport service through flexible routes and schedules, based on actual demand collected from users through digital or other communication tools. A concept that has existed for many years in rural areas (mostly based on telephone calls and manual routing of the services), it has great potential to solve accessibility to urban low-demand areas thanks to the digitalization of public transport and mass adoption of mobile phones by many segments of the population.

MultiDEPART will develop tools to plan, manage and monitor DRT solutions, which will be applied to Lisbon, Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Thessaloniki, targeting public transport authorities and facilitating the harmonization and scalability of DRT services across European cities.

Aimsun’s Role

Aimsun has contributed to the implementation and simulation of DRT services with various design configurations at the planning and operational level using the Aimsun Ride simulation platform for shared mobility services.

For the cities of Thessaloniki and Lisbon, the Aimsun team contributed to the evaluation of fleet management scenarios for existing and future DRT services, supporting the decision-making processes prior to implementation. 

In collaboration with the project partners, the Aimsun team is contributing to the dissemination and comercialization activities of the project outcomes.


Coordinator: CERTH/HIT

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