Cooperative and Interconnected Green delivery solutions towards an era of optimized zero emission last-mile Logistics 

GREEN-LOGaims to accelerate systemic changes in last-mile delivery ecosystems for economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable city (urban) logistics.   

The project establishes city platforms comprising of inclusive stakeholder Urban Living Labs. It provides cargo-bike based innovations for sustainable micro-consolidation design and deployments, it integrates parcel deliveries in public transportation systems for multimodal logistics, it establishes Logistic-as-a-Service platforms for interconnected city logistics and investigates automated delivery concepts with the use of autonomous vehicles and delivery drones.  

 The approach is deployed and validated in five cities and regions: Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Flanders, Netherlands; Oxfordshire, United Kingdom; and Ispra, Italy.​ 

Project objectives

  • Design sustainable and cost-efficient cooperative last mile delivery solutions that combine innovative micro-consolidation centre setups and cleaner delivery modes through a living lab based social innovation approach, able to consider multistakeholder interests, including private logistics operators, local businesses, and citizens  


  • Enable last mile delivery ecosystems to design, test and configure last mile interventions to achieve sustainable businesses, road transport efficiency and environmental goals through the orchestrated deployment of last mile delivery solutions with data driven simulation and optimisation models and decision support systems  


  • Manage and optimize last mile delivery and road transport efficiency in real time through dynamic and interconnected services and interfaces relying on information collection and sharing across the city logistics value chain  


  • Demonstrate the GREEN-LOG approach and last mile delivery solutions in five representative living lab cities and areas, addressing varying urban and peri-urban contexts as well as economic and social conditions, gather qualitative and quantitative results, validate the effectiveness, and showcase the transferability in a set of three follower cities  


  • Accelerate the large take up of the GREEN-LOG last mile delivery solutions through continuous impact creation activities that assure the exploitation of the proposed solutions and provide a concise replication approach and policy recommendations documenting the lessons learnt, the means to overcome existing barriers 


The role of Aimsun

Aimsun is responsible for developing (extending/recalibrating) network models required for conducting simulation-based assessments of novel last-mile logistics concepts in Athens, Barcelona, Flanders and Oxfordshire. 

At the same time, Aimsun will be responsible for extending our Aimsun Ride simulation solution with new features necessary for modelling, simulating and analyzing simulation scenarios for last-mile logistics concepts. 


Coordinator: NETCOMPANY-INTRASOFT, Greece 
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