“Fleet and traffic management systems for conducting future cooperative mobility”

Emerging mobility solutions are accelerating Europe’s transition to a more integrated and cooperative transport approach. To prepare for this future, cities and regions require tools for monitoring, management, control, and regulation of all operators.

The EU-funded CONDUCTOR project aims to design, integrate and demonstrate advanced, high-level traffic and fleet management solutions, through dynamic balancing and priority-based management of vehicles (automated and conventional). This will allow an efficient optimal transport of passengers and goods and will ensure seamless multi-modality and interoperability. Through CONDUCTOR, existing models and technologies will be upgraded to fit future mobility needs placing autonomous vehicles at the centre of future cities.

Project objectives

The project will focus on the following specific objectives (O1-O5), implemented during the project and validated through defined sets of measurable indicators (KPIs). The specific objectives of the project are:

  • O1: To demonstrate traffic and fleet management to integrate CCAM for people and goods.
  • O2: To address intermodal interfaces and interoperability between traffic management systems.
  • O3: To test and demonstrate advanced simulation models in real-life traffic conditions.
  • O4: To demonstrate optimised mobility network load balancing.
  • O5: To consider the governance of the traffic management system considering user needs.

Use cases

The results of the models’ integration will be validated through three use cases: UC1 Integrated traffic management with inter-modality (it will be demonstrated in Athens, Greece, Madrid, Spain and Almelo, The Netherlands), UC2 Demand-response transport (demonstrated in Slovenian cities and Italian airports), and UC3 Urban logistics (demonstrated in Madrid, Spain). In each use case and its demonstrations, the simulations will be validated through real life data.

The role of Aimsun

Aimsun will lead the integration of the upgraded traffic and fleet management systems into the traffic simulation software and will provide support in the multi-resolution traffic simulations as well as in the data fusion for transport network state.

Aimsun will also have a major role in the Madrid Use Cases: UC1, in which the management of events/incidents for recovering the transport network operations will be investigated under the presence of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs); and UC3, where solutions for last-mile delivery will be proposed based on the integration of urban distribution of goods in the public transport supply infrastructure.

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Processing existing datasets to understand the parameters for modelling human drivers and how to extend them to create vehicle rules for CAVs.

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