12th Annual NZMUGS conference


September 16-17

September 16-17, 2019, 12th Annual NZMUGS conference, Wellington

We are excited to be Diamond Sponsor at this year’s Annual NZMUGS Conference.

Join Dave Keenan at Wellington and watch him present a paper on “How mobile phone data can assist in integrated model zoning and demand distribution validation”.

This year’s topic is “To Model or Not To Model, That is the Question”. The transport modelling industry has been collecting data, analysing data and developing more and more sophisticated models over the last 50 years, but have the outputs from these models resulted in better decisions being made? Has the right advice been given to the right people at the right time? Or are we just muddying the waters with more data and uncertainty? With a growing emphasis on having a robust evidence base for investment decisions, how should transport modellers be contributing to this, providers of the evidence base, or advising on the decisions?

Learn more at the NZ MUGS website.