NZMUGS 2017 Conference

4-5 September 2017, Christchurch Central

Are Smart Models Leading to Dumb Modellers?

Is the profession of modelling keeping up with the complexities of the growing availability of new data, more sophisticated software and rapid changes in vehicle and travelling technology?

Do we have appropriate techniques to analyse big or new data, interpret model outputs and understand inherent risks and uncertainties?

Are improvements in precision enhancing or reducing accuracy, and how to we validate predictions?

These are some of the questions up for discussion at the 10th annual NZMUGS Conference, where TSS is proud to be diamond sponsor.

Come and chat to the TSS Australia team to find out more about Aimsun traffic modeling projects in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific area.

Event programme

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Aimsun at NZMUGS 2017 Conference