Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) selects Aimsun as their new mesoscopic modelling tool

Following an evaluation of several alternatives, the NPRA has selected Aimsun as its new mesoscopic modelling tool.

The software is primarily to be used for modelling urban traffic during various rush hour periods, so NPRA was looking for a tool that would be able to simulate vehicle behaviour at all types of intersections on roads with a very high traffic load.

Henrik Vold of the NPRA’s Traffic Safety, Environment and Technology Department said: “Mesoscopic tools were evaluated on four main criteria: their human interface and user friendliness; their integration and interoperability with other modelling tools; the model’s functions; and the results and analysis. The decision was also based on the NPRA’s very satisfactory experience with using Aimsun in a pilot model in the final round of analysis.”

The NRPA expects to procure several Aimsun licences and to use the new tool for carrying out operational planning across the country.

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